Tips for Increasing Engagement with Your Customers on Social Media

Tips for Increasing Engagement with Your Customers on Social Media

For businesses, social media is a way to communicate with the public. Using platforms such as Facebook or Twitter allows a business to actively engage with customers, vendors, or anyone else interested in what they have to say. However, for this social media engagement to work, a business needs to be able to drive the conversation in a way that benefits the company, while also keeping the growing community it’s building interested in continuing the conversation.

This task starts with understanding what customers want and need. Most people want to: feel needed, be valued, be appreciated, be fulfilled, share emotions, laugh and be happy, succeed, and be inspired; but how do we make them feel something that is unique to what other brands are bombarding them with? To do this you must know who your community is and know how to catch and hold their attention.

Here are some tips for building community and engagement:

First impressions matter

-What are you doing to make their first 30 seconds on your platform useful and worth their attention?

-If you can’t answer this question, you need to start here.

Be human

-Humanize your brand. Realize that your brand is everything about you, from what you tweet to how you respond to comments on Facebook.

-Don’t hide your employees. Let them shine and be a living, breathing representation of your brand.

Be timely

-Be available to your customers, and quickly respond whether they have a positive comment or a negative one.

-Ignoring comments is essentially the same as ignoring a phone call from a potential customer.

Be patient yet persistent

-Building and launching an integrated online community takes time. Give yourself and your team the time to do it right.

-Have patience and persistence. Slow down and do it right and at the end of the game you’ll be the winner.

Focus on relationships

-The lifeblood of social media is people like you and me.

-Approach the people in your community with the goal of building real relationships.

Teach them

-What knowledge can you share with them that will make them smarter?

-How can your knowledge drive real efficiency in their life or business?

Make it easy

-People don’t want to be spammed at every opportunity.

-Give them an opportunity to engage with you, your brand, and your team.


-The most important thing you can do to create a positive engagement is to listen carefully.

-Listen with the goal to understand your customers’ needs.

Building a positive social media community engagement is very similar to making friends. Keep it simple and be genuine. If your business needs some help in capturing more customers from your social media marketing or advertising, or if you’re looking for creative ideas to help you stand out to your customers, contact us at Spitfire Social Media. We would love to help take your brand to the next level!