The Big Six in Social Media

The Big Six in Social Media

If you’ve ever discussed social media and its impact with someone in the business, you may have heard the term “the Big 6.” The term is thrown around like it’s standard taxonomy, but the truth is that even the experts can’t agree on which platforms are part of the so-called Big 6. The changing nature of social media can make any social network (and the list) obsolete as quickly as you can say Google+.

The Big 6 in this moment


  • Facebook boosted posts and advertising are where it’s at in social advertising.
  • Boosted posts do well if you want your posts to appear more frequently in the news feed of your existing fans or their friends.
  • In-platform ad tracking and analytics is top notch.



  • On Twitter organic reach is still doing well.
  • On Twitter there are distinct communities based on your interests that are excellent networking resources.
  • Google has decided to favor tweets in their search results, so an active account is extra good for your SEO strategy.



  • Instagram has become a serious tool for brands of any kind, especially in the age of visual and video marketing.
  • Instagram is working on bringing paid ad availability to brands of all sizes, but just how that will happen isn’t clear.



  • Some users might think you can ignore Pinterest if you’re not a crafty brand, but that’s not the case.
  • With the advent of promoted pins, Pinterest has proved itself to be a major player.



  •  For personal networking purposes, there is no better place to supplement your website than with a public CV showing your connections and desires.
  • For brand purposes, the company page helps consumers know your company is legitimate.



  • Considered by some as Facebook for geeks, nerds, and techy- minded Google fans.
  •  The platform works hand-in-hand with Google Search, potentially ranking higher on search results, integration with relevant Google for Business services, and the ability to draw customers in by providing key business information — such as location and directions, phone number, photos, reviews and more — right on search pages.


While most savvy social media users and advertisers would include Google+ as the sixth network, some are suggesting that perhaps Snapchat is moving into that spot. It seems that Google+ even knows the network is sliding off the radar. Watching the way brands use Snapchat has been one of the most exciting developments in the industry this year, and some are thinking that soon having a Snapchat strategy might be as important as an having an Instagram strategy, which, until quite recently, would have been laughed out of any marketing meeting.

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