Facebook Strategies to Optimize Business Benefits

Facebook Strategies to Optimize Business Benefits

The Facebook News Feed has become a focal point for marketers over the last half of the decade because of its ability to reach your business’s target audience. However, with the Facebook algorithm working to tailor each News Feed, you may find yourself with less activity than desired. If someone isn’t engaging with your posts, pictures, and comments, Facebook shows them content from other places instead, so just how can you ensure that your posts are reaching those people that do care?

• Post when your fans are online.
o Facebook’s Insights can give you a clearer idea of who your fans are. They can tell you where in the world they’re located, their ages, and what other pages they like.
o Perhaps the most useful stat is the graph that shows what time your fans are online. If you post something when more people are on Facebook, more people are going to see it!

• Post frequently.
o The general consensus used to be that you should limit how many times you updated your page to avoid annoying your fans. This isn’t really the case any more, especially since not everyone sees everything you post.
o You should never post links to the same articles multiple times a day, but posting a few times throughout a 24 hour period is a good way to reach more people.
o If you don’t post, you don’t reach anyone, and if you only post once, you’ll only reach those fans that are online within the one or two hour window when it goes up.

• Re-share old, popular content.
o If you’re not posting new content on your own site multiple times a day, one way to make sure you’re still posting links to your own stuff is to re-share old, popular content.
o Many fans may have only liked your page recently and won’t have seen everything you’ve ever written.

• Don’t just share links to your own site.
o Your social media should not just be about promoting your own business. If you’re also sharing other things that your fans might enjoy they’re more likely to engage with your page because they like what you’re posting!

• Engagement isn’t just likes, shares, and comments.
o Facebook is clever at tracking what it’s users do. Even if someone only clicks the link, reads the comments, or full-screens the photo, Facebook will still make note of it.
o Since the majority of your followers will never comment or like anything, these invisible engagements are crucial to making sure your updates are pushed out to interested people.
o If you share a lot of high quality content, consistently and frequently, it will end up naturally reaching non-fans (i.e. friends of fans) who will hopefully like your page too.

• Facebook is a social network, so make sure you’re using it as such.
o Engage your fans by posting things that they’ll actually enjoy and stop stressing that people are missing your updates.
o The best way to reach more people is to create and share high quality content that the right people for your business are going to want to interact with.

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