Engage, Extend, Enhance: Twitter at Live Events


Engage, Extend, Enhance: Twitter at Live Events

Social media has become an integral part of any big event – whether it’s an industry conference, concert, wedding, or sporting event. Social media event displays can be a great way to energize the crowd, find user-generated content, and encourage people to tweet away. We’ve seen it used well, and we’ve seen it used badly.

Here are some tips for how to use Twitter at your next live event:

Capture information

o   include a Twitter field in the response form to help determine the participant engagement

o   build a list

o   start to follow attendees

Provide information

o   clarify the official @handle to follow for news

o   establish an event #hashtag

o   outline how Twitter will be used (eg. a live Tweetwall)

o   make suggestions for attendee participation, before, during, and after event

Publicize event

o   start early, but be relevant

o   include the @handle and #hashtag in all promotional material

Promote the chosen hashtag to all attendees

o   participants will be less likely to create their own

o   makes monitoring easier

Engage presenters

o   circulate presenters’ Twitter @handles in advance

o   engage them in discussing the event as part of its pre-publicity

o   brand any of the event handouts with your @handle & #hashtag

o   include the event #hashtag and your Twitter @handle on the first slide of any presentation

 Ensure Wifi technology

o   test Wifi in advance

o   login or passwords should be set up during registration

Monitor, respond, retweet

o   dedicate someone to monitor, respond and retweet all event related Tweets before, during, and after the event

It is becoming more and more acceptable for people to Tweet and use other social media as part of their lives. Integrating this into events can enhance the experience and extend the reach.

Social media is a great tool to wield—but just like a hammer or a knife, using it the wrong way can leave you in an embarrassed or even severely damaged state. Contact us at Spitfire Social Media for expert help on the right way to strengthen your brand on social media!

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