A new diagnosis for doctors: You need a social media presence

A new diagnosis for doctors: You need a social media presence

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We’ve heard a ton of questions lately about why, despite their extremely busy schedules, more and more doctors spend time building communities on social media sites. But if you’ve ever seen the Yelp reviews of frustrated patients wishing to form better relationships with their doctors, the answer starts to come into focus.

Just as the value of social media has been proven for restaurants, realtors, lawyers, retailers and more, doctors who have developed a presence on social media are already seeing their patient relationships improve and their professional networks expand. If you are still wondering whether investing in social media is right for you, take a look at these four reasons why doctors are choosing to build communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

1. Stay connected with patients

Some doctors avoid social media because they mistakenly assume that staying in touch with patients outside the office means publicly engaging in very personal discussions about health. Nothing could be less true. Staying connected to your patients can be as simple as sharing updated office hours or photos of your nursing staff.

2. Weigh in on important issues

Your patients trust you to help them navigate new information on health, which floods out daily. Hearing a trusted opinion on the latest fitness or diet craze could help your patients make smarter decisions about their lifestyles. And decoding scientific studies in plain language could help your patients ask more intelligent questions about their health and future.

3. Build your professional network

Engaging on social media isn’t just about building your relationship with patients. It’s about building relationships with your peers, too. Using networks like LinkedIn to meet others who practice your style of medicine is a great way to get new ideas and insight on the latest technologies.

4. Make it easier for patients to spread the word about you

Satisfied patients are only too happy to recommend you when the opportunity arises, but how often does that happen? By building your presence on Facebook and Yelp, you’re automatically starting a conversation every time a patient likes your pages or writes a glowing review.

If the idea of getting started sounds daunting, we’d love to talk. We’re experienced in helping doctors like Dr. Raj and My Vegas OBGYN engage with patients and peers. Get in touch and tell us how we can help you.