5 reasons to outsource your business’s social media to an agency

5 reasons to outsource your business’s social media to an agency

By now you’ve probably realized that investing in social media is an essential part of marketing your business. You might even have a Facebook page or Twitter account set up. But now what? Social media is one of the most valuable ways to connect with your customers, and extend your relationships beyond their occasional visits to your store or the office. But if you’re not an expert, managing social media accounts can quickly become a full time job.


Though small businesses often pass social media management onto eager young employees,  there’s a lot that goes into choosing what to post, when to post it, and figuring out whether it’s working. Just like you might not choose to fix a broken pipe or install new equipment on your own, there are plenty of reasons why today’s small business leaders choose to outsource social media management to the experts. Here are five of the most common benefits:


1. More time to focus on your business

You might think this one goes without saying, but we’re here to shout it from the rooftop. The minutes you spend on social media management can quickly become hours, taking you away from what you do best. Rather than shift your focus multiple times a day to manage your community and source information for posts, an agency can keep your involvement limited to making the most important and impactful decisions.


2. Get a full-time set of eyes on your community

Things change quickly on social media. Whether you’ve just posted a new promotion or received an influx of questions about a change to your menu or product offerings, response time is of the essence. It could mean the difference between gaining a new client, and losing out to a competitor. Having a team dedicated to managing your accounts full-time means there will always be someone on hand to make your followers feel appreciated.


3. Make better sense of the numbers

If you’re not in the trenches of social media every day it can be really easy to lose focus on the metrics that matter. Rather than focusing on the number of followers you have from day to day, or the amount of comments on any one post, a social media agency can keep you clued in to overall success of you social media efforts, and help with new ideas on how to keep your strategy evolving.


4. Get a team of experts in your corner

Now that social media has spread from Facebook and Twitter to newer platforms like Yelp, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Snapchat, it can be really hard to stay up to date with trends and technology updates. Having a team of experts that dedicate their days (and sometimes nights) to staying up-to-date on technology trends keeps you one step ahead. Most importantly – it keeps you where your customers are, talking to them in a relatable way.

5. Save money

Did you know the average social media manager makes $45,000 per year? And that’s not even including benefits. Hiring an agency that specializes in social media management for small businesses can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per year in savings. But that’s just the beginning. You also benefit from the daily learnings that your agency has from interacting with other clients, and sharing this knowledge back to you and your business.

If you’re thinking about how to use social media to increase sales and build relationships with your community, we’d love to help. Check out what our customers say about us, then get in touch to schedule a consultation.