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21 May Employ “Selfie” Strategies to Gain Business Success

Selfie - Let's face it, the word is in the dictionary, the President and the Pope have both posed for them- this isn't a fad; it's a phenomenon. Selfies aren't all about teenaged vanity and angst. Savvy business owners are seeing the potential in this for everything from networking to advertising. Candid shots of people in your store, enjoying your products, employees working, events, etc. are just the beginning of what you can do with selfies. While the focus should be on your customers—they’re also your social media audience—small business is and should be personal. Don’t be afraid to share selfies of...

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20 Apr Engage, Extend, Enhance: Twitter at Live Events

Social media has become an integral part of any big event – whether it’s an industry conference, concert, wedding, or sporting event. Social media event displays can be a great way to energize the crowd, find user-generated content, and encourage people to tweet away. We’ve seen it used well, and we’ve seen it used badly. Here are some tips for how to use Twitter at your next live event: Capture information o   include a Twitter field in the response form to help determine the participant engagement o   build a list o   start to follow attendees Provide information o   clarify the official @handle to follow for news o   establish...

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23 Feb Using Instagram to Showcase Your Business

With more than 80 million users and the list growing every day, Instagram is a social media platform that you and your business can’t ignore. This mobile photo-sharing app gives you a way to showcase your products and services in a new way. Here are some great ways that Instagram can show your brand to the world: Show your products. Instagram offers a way for your customers to “window shop” from their mobile devices. Show your products in new and interesting ways, and engage your customers in the process. If you are a service provider, show images of the equipment or...

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26 Nov 5 things we’re #thankful for at Spitfire this year

This time of year I can’t help but reflect on all of the incredible gifts the Spitfire team and I have received. In the early days of Spitfire, I worked out of my home on an old laptop, serving just one client and relentlessly pitching Spitfire services to everyone I met. Now, just four years later, Spitfire has grown into a full-fledged social marketing agency. In 2014 we more than doubled the number of accounts we serve, hired sales, marketing and content specialists, opened a new office, and expanded to serve clients in Colorado, Arizona and New York. So as this...

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