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Using LinkedIn To Reach Your Target Audience

23 Mar Using LinkedIn To Reach Your Target Audience


Many of us have LinkedIn accounts because it’s expected of us as professionals, but a lot of people don’t give their account much thought after the initial set up. Not only is that short sighted for the future, but it can also mean lost business opportunities today. Whether you are a social media beginner or a seasoned pro, these tips can help keep your LinkedIn account working for you and your business.

  • Take the time to complete and regularly update the LinkedIn profile for your business. Use keywords that will help you connect with the right people.
  • Make your profile interesting. Add links to videos, photos, other social media networks, websites, etc.
  • Publish your LinkedIn URL on your marketing materials, including business cards, email signature, email newsletters, web sites and brochures. This will give potential prospects an opportunity to learn more about you.
  • Request recommendations from happy customers and colleagues.
  • Integrate LinkedIn to your social media approach. If someone asks a question on Twitter, respond in depth on LinkedIn and link to it from Twitter.

In just a few minutes per day, you can boost your network and put your business in front of potential customers. Of course, just as in any endeavor, the more you put in the more you get out. Take the time to join discussion groups, to ask questions, or even start your own group. You can direct people to your website and share important information to an intrinsically interested audience.

If you are interested in taking the social networking for your business to the next level, contact us at Spitfire. We tailor our methods to help companies large or small get the most out of today’s social media environment.

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