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14 Sep The Big Six in Social Media

If you've ever discussed social media and its impact with someone in the business, you may have heard the term "the Big 6." The term is thrown around like it’s standard taxonomy, but the truth is that even the experts can't agree on which platforms are part of the so-called Big 6. The changing nature of social media can make any social network (and the list) obsolete as quickly as you can say Google+. The Big 6 in this moment Facebook Facebook boosted posts and advertising are where it’s at in social advertising. Boosted posts do well if you want your posts to appear...

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27 Aug Tips for Increasing Engagement with Your Customers on Social Media

For businesses, social media is a way to communicate with the public. Using platforms such as Facebook or Twitter allows a business to actively engage with customers, vendors, or anyone else interested in what they have to say. However, for this social media engagement to work, a business needs to be able to drive the conversation in a way that benefits the company, while also keeping the growing community it's building interested in continuing the conversation. This task starts with understanding what customers want and need. Most people want to: feel needed, be valued, be appreciated, be fulfilled, share emotions, laugh...

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